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The Tacto Plate Carrier – The Perfect Backpack Armor For Law Enforcement and Special Forces

The TACTOP plate carrier is a rugged, lightweight backpack with padded shoulder straps. It is the ideal choice for law enforcement and special forces members, and its lightweight design allows you to carry your helmet and other gear without having to worry about overheating. With four padded shoulder straps and a sturdy, molded base, the Tacto Plate Carrier is durable and versatile, making it the ideal accessory for any outdoor or indoor activity.

The TACTOP PLATE CARRIER features various size-matching snaps and double stitching. The carrier has a D-ring to attach other accessories, such as a lanyard. The backpack also has a buckle on the upper back that allows you to secure the Tacto plate carrier to your backpack with ease. The Tacto plate carrier has a padded interior that helps you to stay cool while wearing the body armor.

The Tacto Plate Carrier is a very popular choice among the police and military. Users praise the TacTec’s comfort throughout the day. A recent review of the Tacto proved this, with several users reporting that the TacTec is the most comfortable and supportive of all. The skeletonized waistband ensures a secure fit, while the yoke shoulder pads distribute the weight of the armor evenly across the wearer’s back. In addition to this, the Tacto’s GrabDrag handle lets the user drag the carrier to safety in case of an emergency.

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