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TactoP Plate Carrier

The TACTOP plate carrier is a unique and convenient way to carry multiple M.O.L.L. plates. This armband is made from durable, fully lined plastic, making it heat resistant and lightweight. Unlike other plate carriers, the TACTOP plate carrier allows you to easily transfer your gear in a prone position. The armband also features easy-to-use features, making it easy for the user to get in and out of it.

This unique design offers functionality and protection. This protective body armour can withstand force loads of 300 pounds, significantly reducing the number of soldiers injured in combat. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear on top of your normal clothing. The TactOP is one of the most popular choices among tactical units and special forces, and it is also available in various colors and styles. While some of these models come with a standard M.O.L.L. plate, others are designed to carry different types of plates.

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The TACTOP plate carrier has many options for attaching your plate. Its size-specific straps, shoulder straps, and cumberbund make it a versatile choice. The TACTOP plate carrier has adjustable lanyard and body armor pockets, which allow the user to adjust the fit of their body armor. Despite the numerous features, the TactoP Plate Carrier is a perfect choice for the user who wants to protect his or her spine and chest.

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