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Soft Armor and Rifle Range Belts

Soft armor is a type of protective clothing that protects against bullets. It is generally thinner than hard armor and is made of materials that are more flexible than woven textiles. Some systems use a combination of hard ceramic materials and laminated textile materials. In the case of rifle protection, these materials are made of various ceramic compounds, including aluminum oxide, boron carbide, and silicon carbide. Fibers are used to create the vests, and the most common type is a high-pressure lamination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with a Kraton matrix.

One type of soft armor is Kevlar. Kevlar vests are the most popular type. Although soft body armor is generally less rigid than hard body armor, it still has amazing component strength. Unlike hard body armor, which is largely rigid, soft body armor can be worn under a uniform or other tactical gear. Moreover, soft body armor is often lightweight, which makes it an ideal choice for undergarments. Soft armor does not protect as well against rifle projectiles, but many people wear it in conjunction with hard body armor.

Soft armor is available in different levels. The level II is the least protective, and is typically made from woven or fibrous materials. The Level II level stops pistol rounds as large as.357 magnum. Level II soft armor is thin and light, making it perfect for concealable body armor. However, Level II armor provides better protection than Level IIA. Further, the best level of protection is based on the threat protection. So, if you are in the market for soft armor, choose the best one that offers you maximum protection.

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